Slurp Smoothies & Acai Bowls is a local destination for smoothies and acai bowls in Mesquite, NV. Our mission is to provide whole-food smoothies, acai bowls, and healthy foods, with the option to customize our items to your needs.

Sabra and Jr. Baeza are the founders of Slurp. Native residents of Mesquite, NV, their dream was to infuse the local flavor with health-driven goodness. Often accompanied by their three daughters, the Baeza family isn’t just serving smoothies, they share a piece of their heritage with every customer.

In a world of generic smoothie joints, Slurp stands out. Born from Sabra’s love for unique names and the family’s passion for quality, Slurp is not just a business. It’s a haven for those who value fresh ingredients, tailor-made options, and an experience that caters to a diverse palette.

Located right in the heart of downtown Mesquite, Slurp is more than a convenient spot, it’s a destination. Whether you’re dropping in post-workout, catching up with friends, or simply savoring a moment of solitude, we’ve got a refreshing mix of smoothies and bowls that feels just right.

Mesquite longed for a dedicated smoothie spot and Slurp rose to the challenge. Beyond serving scrumptious bowls and drinks, we strive to be a gathering place, a spot where every resident feels welcome. It’s not just about the food; it’s about the experience, the camaraderie, and the shared ethos of living a healthier, tastier life.

Step into our world, where we share our passion, flavor, and community. We’re more than just smoothies. We’re Slurp Smoothies & Acai Bowls, and we’re here to serve you.